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‘I Was Sent Out Of My Husband’s House Day He Died’ – Nollywood Actor, Ajigijaga’s Wife Shares Her Plight

‘I Was Sent Out Of My Husband’s House Day He Died’ – Nollywood Actor, Ajigijaga’s Wife Shares Her Plight

The widow of the late Yoruba movie star, Mufutau Sanni Abdulahi, popularly known as Ajigijaga, has spoken out about the mistreatment she and her children endured from her late husband’s family following his passing.

Speaking with Nollywood actress, Biola Bayo on her talk show, Talk To B, the widow recounted how she was ejected from their home on the same day he died. She said she was forced out of her marital home, leaving with only her children and no belongings.

She said the family cited their inability to support her and the children as the reason for her eviction.

According to her, she was sent to her father’s house same day her husband died to mourn him, which is against Yoruba culture.

She expressed confusion at the prospect of observing her widowhood rites at her parents’ home while her father-in-law was still alive.

This abrupt change in circumstances has compelled her to resort to street hawking to provide for her family, a profession she was prohibited from pursuing during her husband’s lifetime.

Despite her struggles, she has encountered reluctance from others to assist her.

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She also expressed her determination to prioritize the well-being of her children and loved ones, yet finds herself questioning where her own happiness lies.

In tears, she lamented:

“I stopped medication because of my husband, is it someone that hasn’t eaten that would be doing hair? I stopped my musical career because of my husband. I was the one who converted my parents to Celestial church, but I dropped that religion because of my husband, Ajigijaga.

“Those people who were hailing my husband are ready to use me and my children as slaves now.

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“The day he died, his family pursued me out of our house, saying they couldn’t take care of me and the kids. I didn’t take a dime from the house even clothes, it was just me and my kids.

“Where in Yoruba land do you hear a woman who is legally married performing her widow’s rite at her parents’ home when her husband’s father is still alive? Sometimes I think about what to do.

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“Now that he is dead, I am now a hawker, this was something he never allowed me to do when he was alive. I have to hawk so I can feed my children.

“No one wanted to help me because they didn’t want people to misunderstand them and claim they were sleeping with her.

“I am doing everything to make my children, parents, and everyone around me happy but where is my happiness.”

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