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Real Warri Pikin Calls Out Abuja Single Men Over Their Refusal To Do This One Thing… Check It Out Below!

Real Warri Pikin Calls Out Abuja Single Men Over Their Refusal To Do This One Thing… Check It Out Below!

Abuja bachelors have been shaking in their boots, ever since comedienne Real Warri Pikin’s disapproving gaze fell on them.

The married mother of two expressed her ire about the state of romantic relationships in Nigeria, especially with single men residing in Abuja.

According to the entertainer in a video she shared on her Instagram page, she had gotten reports that single men in Abuja are on a mission to break innocent hearts.

She said that Abuja men meet a stable lady who has her life on track, but decide to just waste her time, instead of working towards marriage.

Speaking further, she said there are several decent ladies in Abuja who are ready to get married, but the men are not ready. She stated that most of the men are only looking for women to become baby mamas.

She claimed that most of these bachelors break up with those girls, using the popular phrase “It’s not you, it’s me”.

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Real Warripikin urged Abuja men to level up their game and get married, citing that they have been in the ‘streets’ for too long.

Also, she didn’t miss the opportunity to throw jabs at them, when she said that while they’re not ready to get married, it is easy for them to sleep with the girls they’re dating, without fully committing to the relationship.

To further drive home her point, the actress noted that there are still great marriages as she is currently enjoying one

According to her, she met her husband in Abuja, and she has been married to him for eleven years now and still counting.

She captioned the video: “Abuja single Men. Marriage is not a Trap!”

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Reacting to the video, one iamajimi wrote:

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“And we the Abuja single ladies are not even ready to marry Abuja guys, when they ask u out the next thing is ”where do u work, ur salary is how much, do u stay alone, can I come and visit u, the bad one is ,u see them wit big cars only to find out they don’t have a house rented by them, always looking for the next place to past the night. No one should come for me else I’m waiting for yall.🙄”

@queencelina01 added:

“I don even tire, all they want is sex, no commitment, I wish I got married after secondary school self.”

@oluhdee advised:

“These things are sometimes something else! Ladies have to just really damn the consequences and choose the harder path… close your legs and never look back at any man giving unserious energy.

There’s a lot to do in this world than to try so hard to get married and try so hard to keep the man again. Just be very serious about your God walk and watch God really sort you out with His own kind of son for you. Don’t throw your pearls before swines.”

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