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Singer, Oritse Femi Narrates Ordeal With Ex-wife As He Exposes Caroline Danjuma’s Legal Marriage To Late Tagbo

Singer, Oritse Femi Narrates Ordeal With Ex-wife As He Exposes Caroline Danjuma’s Legal Marriage To Late Tagbo

Nigerian singer, Oritse Femi has shared personal details about his ordeal with his ex-wife, Nabila Fash as he also revealed that actress Caroline Danjuma was legally married to the late Tagbo.

In a recent interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, the single dad of two shared specific details about meeting his ex-wife through Caroline and the traumatic experiences he endured during their marriage.

The famous musician further expressed that he never wanted to marry his ex-wife.

He further went on to state that Caroline had been the person who pushed Nabila into his arms. He expressed how she had been the person to ask him out and push for the marriage to happen between them.

Oritse Femi recounted how his ex wife once sent men to assault him at his own home, how he initially never intended to marry her but only wanted a son, and how she suffered 21 miscarriages during their marriage.

Despite her numerous miscarriages, he was willing to continue the marriage, even though she constantly blamed him for their inability to conceive.

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In this same interview, he had narrated how Caroline and the late Tagbo, a friend and crew member of Davido, had gotten married.

He revealed that Caroline had a court marriage with the late Tagbo and subsequently persuaded Nabila to marry him, referring to him as a “rough diamond.”

According to him, it was their union that prompted his ex-wife to push for a marriage with him. He also had further revealed in this interview how his ex-wife had gotten 21 miscarriages while they were married.

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Recall that Nabila first had announced the end of her marriage to Oritse Femi back in 2022. In an interview with Daddy Freeze, she revealed that their marriage broke up after the singer cheated on her.

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She also revealed that the singer had two daughters before their union and she treated the girls as her own daughters. She stated that while she was trying to conceive, her husband had welcomed another child with another woman.

She had had to put up with him constantly disrespecting and cheating on her and she eventually had to move out because of her sanity.


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