Nigerian Transgender, Miss Sahhara Rejects Man Claiming to be Her Father

A man named Chief Agbo Ella granted an interview to Idoma Voice, where he claimed to be the father of popular transgender international model, Miss Sahhara.

Agbo Ella, a father of five denied ever disowning Clifford Oche now Miss Sahhara. He also said he was proud of her and would welcome her with open arms if she chooses to return home.

He concluded by saying he has accepted her decision to change into a woman and that he would accept bride price from any man who comes to ask for her hand in marriage.

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Watch video of Chief Agbo Ella speak about Miss Sahhara:

Unsurprisingly, the international model did not appreciate Chief Agbo’s claims and so she shared a video of herself on her Instagram reacting to all he said.

According to her, the only parent she knows is her mother who has been by her side since she was a child and she is also her father. Miss SaHHara also claims that her mother does not know the man who is claiming to be her dad.

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“This is a disclaimer in response to the rubbish publications about my so called ‘father’!?????????? Any one can make a baby, but not everyone can be a parent.

The only parent I know is this woman and the only father I know, is this woman” she said as she raised a picture of a woman as seen in video.

Miss Sahhara continued saying that the woman in the picture was her mother, her father, her lover and her best friend, according to her the only one who sacrificed everything for her.

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“Pay my tuition, feed me, console me when I was bullied in school, bandaid my injuries, nurse me when I was sick, put me to bed at night, put a roof over my head, have my back no matter what, love me unconditionally and be the source of constant wisdom…….

All of the above was done by one woman! My superhero! My darling beautiful mother whom I look, sound, act like! Pure carbon copy of the crazy woman and I love and adore her to moon and beyond! Claiming someone is yours doesn’t make it true! Nigerian bloggers are so gullible! ????Meh!”.

Watch video of Miss Sahhara disclaiming Chief Agbo’s claims below:

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