Actress Wumi Olabimtan Gets Real About the Importance of Sex in Marriage

It is normally assumed that the older a marriage is, the less the passion gets. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but no one can deny the importance of actively keeping passion alive in marriage.

Lots of couples suffer in silence from sexual dissatisfaction in marriage and this has created frustration in homes –  in some cases a total seperation of couples.

The importance of sex in a marital relationship cannot be overemphasized.

UK based Nollywood actress, Wumi Olabimtan summed up the importance of sexual libido in relationships in a recent chat with Potpourri Vanguard.

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The movie producer stated that sex is very important in marriage, and that couples should endeavour to study each other and have a sex schedule.

”Actually, a man’s libido determines the sex routine in a marriage. But that doesn’t mean the woman cannot initiate it.

She can do it by not asking but by body language which the man is sure to understand,” she said.

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When asked what she would do if her husband suddenly became ‘irreversibly impotent’, Wumi admitted it would be a pill very hard to swallow.

”Irreversible impotency in a marriage is a temptation and we need a divine grace to overcome such a temptation.

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Sex is fuel in a marriage, and when fuel is low or dries off, the marriage car stops, which means the marriage will suffer.

It will only take divine intervention to sustain both parties, because sex is fuel and has a spirit of its own,” she said.

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Charming Wumi Olabimtan, who started acting in 2003 is from Gbongan in Osun State. She studied Mass Communications at the Polytechnic, Ibadan and relocated to the UK to meet her husband and to further her education.

How do you keep the sexual spark alive in your marriage? Share your views with us.

Picture credit: Wumi Instagram

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