Dear MIMsters: My Girlfriend Says Her Church Won’t Wed Us For This Ridiculous Reason

Hello Mimsters, I would appreciate a good advice on how to resolve this ridiculous issue. I’m a comfortable bachelor living in a comfortable apartment. I have a good job, and good investments to my name and I own a car.

I’m in a relationship with a girl I love, and I hope to get married to her hopefully next year. There are many women seeking my attention and trying to get me to marry them, but I don’t get carried away because I’m not a womanizer.

I’ve met her family already and I want her to meet mine in Delta by December. She already has a relationship with my mum, as they speak often over the phone.

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The problem I’m having now is that I attend Celestial Church of Christ and she attends Winners Chapel. She wants me to join her to church on Sunday’s, but I can’t because of the distance. I did once, but the remaining part of the day was useless for me because I slept all through the day.

I told her that it’s not something I can do all the time, but I’m willing to drop her where she can get a bus so she can go alone. After we get married, I can buy her a car to ease the stress of her jumping buses. Right now, she should let me go to my church, maybe on special occasions; I can join her to hers.

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She however, is really adamant. She’s of the opinion that her church will not permit us to get married because I’m Cele, I don’t know how true that is, so I told her to confirm that. If they won’t allow us to get married in church, I can just get her pregnant and we will forget about the church wedding.

She got very angry at my suggestion. I also plan to relocate her to Canada because I want my kids to be born over there.

Please was there anything wrong with my suggestion? Is there anyone who has experienced this disparity in churches and different members being wedded? I really want to marry her but this church issue is giving me room for concern.

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“Dear MIMsters: My Girlfriend Says Her Church Won’t Wed Us For This Ridiculous Reason”
  • Hmmmm why is she making church an issue? Maybe she’s not ready because I don’t see church as issue to argue over. Well what do I know? I hardly go to church.

  • As a wife, she has to be submissive to her husband!. One thing i know about marriage is after getting married the at the girls church, she follows the husband to his church. I dont know about the church not going to wed you. She might be the one just saying that. I got married in the anglican communion cos my parents are, i am a winner member and my husband is aa baptist, he allows me goto to my church but ive never been a fan of couples attending seperate churches.
    Now since she cant go to yours,.and you are not willing to go to hers, try to find out if really its the church that wont wed you, its left for her to decide.
    She knew your denomination before u.started dating…even if u end up getting married, and this church thing is not sorted out, issues will continue to arise..

    • My dear, she is just being hard on u. She knows how best u pple can fix that. After all, u can decide to be converted to a winner n u follow them as a winner to serve in church n in less than two months, u will get wedded as a winner couple. Let her tell u how to go abt it.

  • Unless she wants you to pretend & start attending het chch which so many had done & brought total shame after the wedding. People always focus on the wedding & not the after wedding which is the marriage proper why? Go to registry & chch blessing after all the most important is the traditional which is given what is right b/w both families consent.

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