8 Apps And Gadgets For Couples Trying To Conceive

We’re in the age where technology exists for the most inconceivable things. I mean, who would have thought that we could have applications and gadgets that will make it easy for couples to get pregnant?!

Although, when you look at it closely, you’ll see how plausible it is to make a gadget or applications that will help couples desiring to become parents in this regard.

We’ve taken the liberty to put together a list of some apps and gadgets that can help couples easily fulfil their desires of bringing children into the world.  Here they are:

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  • The Ava Tracker

It’s a fertility bracelet that works while you’re asleep. It has special sensors that measure physiological parameters like your resting pulse rate, skin temperature, sleep and physiological stress, among others.

The Ava tracker helps couples know when the madam is about to start ovulating so that they can do the needful and so, conceive. Of course, it works with an app for iOS and android phones.


  • Glow fertility tracker

Unlike the Ava bracelet that tracks fertility on its own, Glow requires that you manually enter the needed data, like when and the duration of your mood, menstrual cycle, cramps, etc. It uses this data to predict those days when you’re most fertile. Interestingly, Glow tracker can also be used by the good Sir to track his own fertility so that everything is synchronised to the microsecond.


  • Kindara

Kindara is an app that works with an oral thermometer called Wink. Wink measures your oral body temperature and synchronises the information automatically with the app. Other measurements like cervical change are combined to pinpoint days when you’re most likely to conceive.

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  • Daysy

She is actually a thermometer like Kindara’sWink that synchronises with her sister app on your smartphone. Use Daysy, the thermometer to take your temperature in the morning when your cycle starts and she’ll show you how fertile you will be in the next 24 hours on the app. She does this with colour codes. Red means you’ll be fertile while green means you won’t be fertile. Daysy costs 290 Euros. That’s about 339.24 dollars or 122, 292 Naira.


  • Expectful

This one works differently. What it does is to help you reduce stress levels and keep you emotionally calm enough to conceive. In addition to helping expectant mothers relax, it also enhances immunity & fetal health. We hear it also decreases labour pains. It does all this through vocal guided meditations and comes with a monthly cost of 9.99 dollars.


  • Ovia fertility

What about Ovia? The Ovia app tracks your ovulation and menstrual cycles with the aim of providing a view of your reproductive health specifically and your overall health in general. The good thing about this app is that it can work with other wearable health/fitness gadgets like Jawbone, Fitbit and Apple Health.

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  • Clearblue

This is a bluetooth enabled gadget for running ovulation tests. It helps detect increases in your luteinizing hormone so as to point out your most fertile days. It synchronises and displays this information on the app with a 99% accuracy. It also sends alerts to remind you when the best time is to run the test again. It comes with a 64.99 dollar price tag though.


  • Tempdrop

Tempdrop is another wearable gadget. It is worn on the upper arm and also works when you’re catching your ZZZ’s. It collects data on your body temperature and synchronises this with any fertility app on your iOS and android phones. You might have to manually enter the data on some apps though. Of course, it uses this data to show you the days when you and your partner should have some baby-making sex.


Will you rather shoot from the hip when you want to get pregnant or will you invests in one of these apps/gadgets? You could eliminate a lot of suspense with these proven technology and aim for the bull’s eye. Consider it with your partner; I’m sure you’ll enjoy the ease and convenience.

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