OAP Gbemi and Toke Makinwa React to Report of Housewife Who is Pregnant With Another Man’s Child

Famous Nigerian media personalities, Gbemi and Toke Makinwa both took to social media to react to report of a housewife who is reportedly pregnant with another man’s child.

A twitter user, Miss Demeanour @Letsang wrote on her page: “A friend cried last night, his wife is pregnant… And not by him. 💔💔💔I am devastated.

OAP Gbemi dropped a rather sarcastic comment on her page telling the man what most people tell women going through the same situation. Gbemi adviced the man to fight to keep his marriage or engage himself in ‘war room’ session.

On the other hand, Toke Makinwa, whose marriage to her husband, Maje Ayida finally packed up recently after he reportedly welcomed a baby with his side chic, Anita, wrote,

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“Hmmmmmm!!! This is a deep issue o, maybe he was focused on his career and was always going out, maybe the man outside is the innocent looking one, does not have swag, easy going and natural.

Maybe he needs to hit the gym fast, cook for her, take care of the kids etc… whatever he decides, he should just accept the child, the other man will always be an outsider, it was a mistake, after all it is him she married, he is the legal husband.

He should fight for his marriage, forgive her, dem no Dey throway wife o, where will he start from? Wife scarce for market! ”

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On the 5th of October 2017, the Igbosere High court in Lagos finally dissolved media personality Omotoke Makinwa and Maje Ayida’s marriage. Their three-year-old troubled marriage was dissolved on the grounds that her ex husband committed adultery (read here).

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