How Kenny Ogungbe Saved Me From Having Baby Mamas – Eedris Abdulkareem Recounts

Veteran Nigerian Musician, Eedris Abdulkareem, who sat for an interview with Punch talked about his marriage of 16 years, his former label boss, Kenny Ogungbe and how his fatherly advice stopped him from being promiscuous and having baby mamas.

According to the controversial singer, who also talked about ladies he dated, Ogungbe’s timely advice was instrumental in his decision to quickly get married and added that he chose him as his best man because he has always been like the father he never had.

“My wedding day was a very lavish one and Baba Keke was my best man. I chose Baba Keke as my best man because he has always been like the father I never had.

I lost my father when I was only three years old. When I was still at Kennis Music, I went to collect my royalties when I met Baba Keke and he called me aside to give me a piece of advice.

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He told me that he really loved me and that was why he was advising me. He told me that I should make sure I got married as soon as possible.

He advised me to ensure that I married only one woman and I should not let any woman other than my wife bear children for me. I agreed with him.

He further told me to make sure I did not waste my sperm on different women. He told me to settle down and be a responsible man. That advice has helped shaped my life since then.

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A lot of girls I dated at the time were not happy with my choice of wife, but I was happy about it. In fact, I intentionally avoided throwing a bachelor party because I knew something could happen that night and it would ruin my marriage. After we got married, we went on a honeymoon and my wife got pregnant a month later.”

On his first meeting with his wife, Yetunde, the ‘Nigeria jaga jaga’ crooner said it was love at first sight and he knew instantly that she was going to be his wife.

“I was on my way to the video shoot of my song, ‘Life in Yankee’ when I saw a lady trying to fix the tyre on her car. I take everything that has to do with marriage very spiritual because God says that if you want a wife we should ask him.

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So, I had prayed for a very long time for God to give me a wife that would compliment me. Immediately I saw her, I parked and helped her fix the tyre. Immediately I saw her, I could feel that she was my wife.

When I parked to help her, my mind told me she was going to be my wife. The first thing I looked out for was whether there was a ring on her finger. I needed to be sure that she was not married. I also noticed that there was a child in her car.

So, I thought she was either married or a single parent. While I was still assisting her with the tyre, her brother showed up. So, I took him aside to ask if she was married and he said she was not.

I enquired about the child and her brother confirmed to me that it was his. I later got her house address from him.”

Eedris further disclosed that the next day he knocked on his would-be wife’s door, but was confronted by her father.

“Luckily, he recognised me. He said he had seen me before on television. The father asked what I was doing in his house and I explained to him that I came to see his daughter and he welcomed me.

I admitted to him that she did not invite me to the house but I came because I did not want my wife to run away. Eventually, she came to meet me but was furious because she did not invite me to her house.

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I apologised for the intrusion then explained to her that I wanted to marry her and did not care how long it would take because God told me that she was my wife.

I was not afraid to open up to her in her father’s house because I prayed and fasted for four years before I met her. She was really furious but I tried my best to apologise. When her father heard all I had said, he asked if I was truly serious and my reply was affirmative.

I later got her number but it took me another six months to convince her that I was not fooling her and that was how it started. She felt that as a very popular musician I had women flocking to me. We are still together 16 years after.”

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