14 Cool Things To Do With Your Kids In 2018 (Part Two)

By Eyinade Eweje

The importance of dedicating more quality time to our children cannot be over-emphasized. This year offers a fresh opportunity to renew your commitment to this in view of making more positive impacts in their lives while also putting broad smiles of contentment on their faces. We will show you how in 14  cool ways.

It’s a good idea to sit with them sometime and ask about their preferences, as these will elicit more excitement and be more impactful. In the meantime, here are 14 ideas to start with. Create fond memories, laugh, have fun, teach skills, impart knowledge and instill life-long lessons. Be their favourite person; a dedicated mum or dad who’s always fun to be with.

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Continued from part one


It’s messy, so will surely excite them. Start with easy to prepare finger food recipes and watch them dance over with excitement. Be careful while at it though, no sharp objects lying carelessly around, ensure your tiled floor is dry. Take other kitchen safety precautions to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Yes, eat together. As simple as this sounds, a lot of families don’t uphold this tradition anymore, even on weekends, because of their crazy schedule. Make it a point of duty to eat with your kids at the dining table at least once a day. This creates a chance to correct table manners, talk and bond. On week days, if you can’t be at breakfast, be at dinner; make one at least work for you. Fix lunch and eat together on weekends, at least most.

A lot of us frown at kids with quite unpolished eating habits and wonder just how a lovely young boy or girl got so bad. Well, a lot of factors including either parent’s inability to reinforce learning and improving on table manners by regularly eating with these children may be responsible. If you eat with them regularly, they can learn by copying your refined manners, you can painstakingly teach them how to be their best at the table and of course, spot and correct inappropriate habits.

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Take regular long walks with your kids, run, swim with them (if you do not know how, take this as an inspiration to learn something new), have a dance competition, play football, throw balls, ride bikes, do some household chores together, etcetera. You all stay active and healthy while having fun together.


Arrange play dates as a ploy to encourage interaction with other kids. If their computer games and tabs are in the way, insist they put them away except if they are willing to share with their guests. If you can afford it, get a club membership and enroll them in activities that will encourage interaction with other kids.


It will be fun to create a family book with information and pictures about each member of the family. This is a good way to bring their creativity and yours to the fore.


Could be old pictures of you and your spouse as a babies or teenagers, your wedding pictures, their grandparents’ when they were young or even those of your kids as babies, during sports or other activities when they were much younger. Relive old memories and have a good laugh!


Every family deserves a leisure trip at least once in a while. Include your kids while you plan what activities your next one will include, then, pack for the trip together and zoom or jet off to have all the fun you can get.

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14. PRAY

This sums it all up. Whatever you do in 2018, find time to pray with your children. Teach them about your faith, how to communicate with their God and share thoughts about the scriptures.

Raising a total child takes a lot of time and commitment, as a parent, you must know this already. These are just a few ideas to try out. Endeavour to find out several others to make sure your kids get plenty of quality time spent with you in 2018.


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