Celebrity Mom, Cameran Eubanks’ Honest Post on Quitting Breastfeeding at 3 Months Ignites Controversy

When 33-year-old Bravo star, Cameran Eubanks shared her honest decision to “retire the boobs” after nearly three months of nursing her baby daughter, she knew she was opening the ‘floodgates’ of criticism.

The Southern Charm star wrote:

“I know I’m opening up the floodgates with this one.”

Cameran made the confession that she stopped breastfeeding in hopes that she could make other mothers out there feel less alone.

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Her confession read,

“Today marks the day I am DONE with breastfeeding. Gave it a good almost 3 months and I am retiring the boobs. Writing this in hopes it will make other mothers feel less alone.

You see, I’m not quitting because my milk supply dried up or because I’m sick. I’m quitting because I’m just plain OVER IT. By CHOICE.

I know I will get lectured and judged by this but it doesn’t bother me. I need some freedom back for my sanity and the bottle and formula will allow that.

You are NOT a bad mother if you don’t like breastfeeding. A happy Mama is the best gift you can give your baby. (At least in my opinion).”

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I know I’m opening up the flood gates with this one.😬

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As she predicted, the Bravo TV personality received backlash for opening up on the hot topic. With over 19,000 comments most were negative rather than positive.

“I really think that moms milk is best for baby. I will do my best to feed him as long as I can. PS: #iamdyingtodrinkabottleofwine,” wrote one person.

Added another: “I hope a struggling new mom having challenges breastfeeding doesn’t come across this discouraging thread and finds an empowering, support breastfeeding group instead.”

Another commenter informed Cameran that formula is all chemicals.

While there were a majority of negative comments, Cameran did receive a few supportive words from fellow mamas who once experienced what she’s going through.

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“Thank you! I felt the same. Amen Sista.” While another added, “LOVE this!!! Good for you mama!!! Enjoy your freedom back.”

”Thanks for this! I stopped after 6 weeks because I spent everyday crying and couldn’t bond with my baby. I also had postpartum depression so I was a hot mess! After switching to strictly formula, I was able to really bond with her and my husband was too because he could feed her!”

”Hi Cameran! I just saw your story on @people! No hate in your game! Have been there and done that. When I had my 1st baby, I thought I was such a bad mom cause I couldn’t even produce milk.

My husband made the decision for me and commanded me to stop, gave me a bottle of formula and requested I get back my life again! When my second baby (now two years old) was born, it was a slam dunk win to go straight to formula.

NO Regrets! Life has been great ever since. Babies are going to well cared for and fed! There is no instructions on how to love on them. Keep up the great work!! Baby girl looks great!! Happy for you!!,” a mom wrote.

Another mom, Chrissy_clark88 wrote about her experience;

”This was exactly me! I stopped at 3 months also. My son was the most grumpiest baby and he was draining the life out of me, I needed support, no one could help me feed him, and I couldn’t get more then an hour or two away.

I went through all the guilt stopping as most breastfeeding forums believe formula doesn’t exist, it made me think, my baby is only bonded to me because of the breast milk, like he will instantly not know I’m his mum when I stop, that he will get constipated, that his immune system will drop… then I stopped… and you know what!?!?

Absolutely NOTHING changed! His sleep, appetite, temperament, bond with me, his health, it all stayed the same and I wondered why on earth did I put so much guilt on myself!?!?

I was not breastfed, and I am completely healthy, and so is my son. Thank you for posting this, as it is such a touchy subject. Amazing effort to ones that love it, but breastfeeding was just not for me.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends: “exclusive breastfeeding for about 6 months, followed by continued breastfeeding as complementary foods are introduced, with continuation of breastfeeding for 1 year of longer as mutually desired by mother and infant.”

An acclaimed pediatrician Dr. Ari Brown once told Us Weekly:

”But breast isn’t always best. Bottle-feeding, whether it’s due to supply issues, going back to work, a baby who won’t latch or personal preference should be guilt-free.

We want to have a baby who’s getting their nutritional needs met, and that is what you are achieving when you give a baby formula.

Any brand made in the U.S. is safe, but steer clear of homemade recipes, which could be dangerous,” she advises.

”This is going backwards in sophistication,” explained the author of Baby 411. ”It’s called formula because our grandmothers used to have a formula to create it in the kitchen.”

Cameran gave birth to Palmer in early November. The real estate agent shares Palmer with husband anesthesiologist Jason Wimberly who she married in 2014.

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