”I hawked pure water in Lagos, now I own a house in Canada” – Nigerian Mom Under 30 Shares Inspiring Life Story

A Canada-based Nigerian woman Princess Tholu Esther Fholarin, has shared an inspiring story about her life.

The mother-of-one who told her story on Facebook, revealed how she ended up buying a house in Canada after going through a difficult life following the the death of her father in 1997.

Narrating further, Fholarin shared how she sold pure water on the streets of Lagos and how she managed to send herself to school and worked part time to earn an income to pay her bills.

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Below is her story:

”On March 5, 2018. I became a first time homebuyer in Canada. I ,Esther own a home in Canada, YH I AM SURE YOU SAID Woooooow………

I looked back from how it all started when my dad died in 1997, when we thought all hope was lost. I remembered having to hawk satchet water on the street of Lagos when I was at Age 8.

As from that age onward it was from one Job to the other trying to get through school and support family until I got a scholarship from Lagos state government for my university education at Uniport.

I came to Canada in 2015 on scholarship as a student having to work part time and study. I would come to class and sleep and my colleagues will wake me up and laugh. I got my Job offer to work in waiting for me before i graduated my graduate program.

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But the days of suffering is finally over. Buying/qualifying for a mortgage to own a house is not a big deal, anyone can do that. But its the strive, commitment, hard work and determination in anything you want to achieve.

I am grateful to God for making my life a testimony. I am not going to preach,I just want to use this medium to say to my friends Trust and Obey God.

God has a plan for everyone,just take a second to listen and ask for he right direction, when you think the door is shut, please push harder because sometimes hard work and commitment will get you what you want.

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I am proud of the woman I have become through Christ, I am happy that I feel accomplished before clocking 30 years.

I never gave up, and I am grateful to my friends i have made and met over the course of my life as you were all there for a reason and I appreciate you all.

Thanks to my family and friends for all your prayers and support and I pray that May God Almighty grant you all your heart desires.”

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