12 Things Parents Should Teach Their Sons About Marriage

Raising a good man is a gift to the world, especially in a world where a good husband or man is like scarce commodity. For centuries, the society has been hard on women, so we want to prepare our sons to become good husband material by teaching them the following:

1. Showing emotion is not a sign of weakness. It’s ok to express real and raw emotions with the woman you love. I’ve seen my husband cry; not many times, mind you, but there have been a few times that my husband has not been afraid to express real and raw emotion with me, and that has meant so much to our relationship. I know he trusts me with that and I do think it’s important for our son to learn that real men can cry. – babble.com

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2. Treat women well. One of the ways a boy learns how to relate to women is by watching his father. So when a dad interacts with women, especially his wife, he should be able to admit when he’s wrong, apologize when necessary, and speak and behave respectfully, especially during a disagreement. – womansday.com

3. Be sure people always come before things. Never let your family be the sacrificial lamb you place at the altar of other pursuits. – meantobehappy.com

4. Don’t do anything with a girl you wouldn’t want someone to do with your own sister. That should cover it! Sons need to hear God’s perspective on sexuality. We have to talk to our sons about scriptural views of the dignity of sex. We also need to discuss the negative impacts of premarital sex or pregnancy outside of wedlock, how far is too far, oral sex, masturbation, pornography, lust, sexually transmitted diseases, and homosexuality. – lifeway.com

5. Never have unprotected sex unless you’re married. And never trust the words, “but I’m on the pill…” – merakilane.com

6. Remember that trust is EARNED, and once it’s broken, it’s really hard to get it back.

7. Also, remember that trust is earned, not given.

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8. Never raise a hand to a woman. Or a child.

9. Learn how to say, “I’m sorry.”

10. Never take advantage of a woman’s vulnerability, the same way you wouldn’t her to take advantage of yours. Rather, protect her just as you would want her to protect you. – MIM

11. Helping around the house does not make you weak. Infact, it makes you hotter and sexier.

12. Never have sex with a woman against her will. When she says no, she means NO.

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