Serena Williams’ Motivational Message Will Inspire You to “Never stop believing in yourself”

Tennis superstar and super mom, Serena Williams has shared a motivational piece as she finally launched her online shop after dreaming of pursuing a fashion career since her teenage years.

Serena shared the piece on her social media pages yesterday, writing that it’s been something she’d wanted to do for so long. The 23-time Grand Slam winner (who returned to the French Open yesterday) said she was discouraged by most and asked to face tennis squarely.

But she had to find a way to make both work together. After 15 years of trying and having people in fashion tell her “no”, her dream has finally come true and she shared a message of encouragement to inspire others never to give up on their dreams.

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She wrote:

”They say life is about timing. I learned this lesson at age 18, when I chose to play a light tennis schedule because I wanted to go to fashion school. Some criticized my decision, but I knew I had two loves–tennis and fashion–and had to find a way to make them coexist.

After 15 years of false starts, and people in fashion telling me “no,” it only only drove me to work harder. As a result, I discovered what it meant to invest in myself, and I allowed that belief in myself to drive me to reach my dream.

Today, I am proud to launch @serena , my own online shop. Never stop believing in yourself, you’re worth it. #BeSeenBeHeard.”

The mother of one narrated further;

”I had a vision to create a fashion line unrelated to tennis, but soon realized the complexities of manufacturing and running a business was more than my schedule would allow, as I focused on winning Grand Slams.

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I tried many times to align with people who could help me get things off the ground while I played tennis worked with designers and sketched my ideas. I got so many no’s from potential partners, people I admired and respected.

Every time I would go into a department store to present a collection it would always end up with – we love it but we are going to pass…

One day, I was encouraging my best friend to invest in herself and pursue a dream of hers. A light bulb went off when I realized I needed to take my own advice.

Here I was, a spokeswoman for women, telling them to never give up and believe in themselves when no one else does. I needed to take a moment to look in the mirror and encourage myself and invest in myself for once.

23 Grand Slam titles later, I assembled my power team and we got to work. We designed and we planned. I wanted to be fully hands on, and work without any limitations. Everyone on the team believed in me and for the first time, I truly believed in myself.”

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