Dear MIMsters: Why I Have Been Nursing the Thoughts of Quitting My Marriage

I have been nursing the thoughts of quitting my marriage for a while now.

My marriage will be 3 years this year but I am lonely married woman stuck in a marriage with a husband who has serious entitlement mentality.

I have made up my mind to leave him but the reason why I haven’t left yet is because I am yet to find a permanent job.

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My husband is the only child of his parents, therefore, he feels the world owes him everything. The way he talks to his mother anybody can make anyone break down in tears on her behalf and the way he talks to me in public leaves me teary eyed.

This is a guy who was singing sweet nothings to my ears before we got married, telling me, “I can’t wait for you to be my wife.” I became his wife and he turned me to a bitter and lonely woman. If we have even the smallest issue between us, he won’t speak to me for one month or more.

In this year, I don’t know if we have spoken up to 20 times in a roll. Even when I try to engage him in a conversation, he ignores me totally. The only day he gets close to me and touches me is the day that he feels like having sex.

Right now, I no longer feel anything but hatred for him. I don’t know how I am going to cope with living with a man like this for the rest of my life. If I start typing about all his behaviour towards me, I will bore you with it.

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I decided to have another baby and since a month now, we have not been speaking to each other. I called him on the phone one morning to tell him that I am pregnant and he shouted at me. I followed up my call with a SMS to him and you will not believe that this man has not asked me about the pregnancy. He has not even as much acknowledged it or asked me how I am feeling since last week when I sent him the message.

I tell you again that I am not happy in my marriage and I have decided to quit. I don’t have the strength to fight or find how how to work on a marriage in which my husband doesn’t speak to me.

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