Successful African Single Woman Who Will Not Compromise Her Viewpoint Just to Get Married Is a Real Woman

It’s everywhere! Yes, it is! It is everywhere that women are judged if at a certain age, they are yet to be married or have children. Now, when you find a woman who understands that there is more to life than status and/or position, and who have resolved that no matter what, she would not allow herself to be cowed into submitting to man-made standards of fulfillment, then you have found a real woman.

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The story of this beautiful hardworking woman in her 40’s, gives an insight into what most successful single women pass through.

Her story, as shared on HumansOfNewYork’s site is situated in Egypt.

”I’ve had horrible luck finding a husband. Most marriages in this country are traditional, and I have a middleman who arranges interviews with potential suitors. He probably thinks I’m a snob. Because I either turn the men down or scare them off.

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But you should hear the questions they ask me. Nothing about personality. Nothing about character. Everything is about money: ‘What is your salary?’, ‘Do you have a car?, ‘Is this your only apartment?’ I used to answer these questions, but I’m much harsher now. I’ll dismiss them right away.

I’ve had men ask me to stop working. I had a professor ask me to stop studying because I have more degrees than him. Another man ended the interview when he learned that my ‘doctorate’ did not mean I was a medical doctor.

It’s ridiculous. Some friends and family want me to settle for the sake of having children. But I have a viewpoint, and I’m not going to sacrifice that viewpoint just because I’m getting older.

I believe in marriage. And I’d like children. But if it means I have to accept anything, maybe it’s best to not get married at all. (Alexandria, Egypt)”

Wow! Her viewpoint is so on point!

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