What Ugandan Rehema Kabayana Did To Her Husband For Cheating On Her Is Not Okay

Ugandan woman, Rehema Kabayana, 24, was convinced that her husband, Anthony Sekawa, 28, was seeing other women in their neighbourhood and for this cause, Rehema allegedly did the unthinkable while he slept.

Generally, women are perceived as the weaker sexes which puts them mostly at the receiving end as victims of domestic violence. Rehema’s story is flipping the narrative but it still does not make it okay. Domestic violence remains a scourge in many societies irrespective of whether the abuser is a man or a woman.

According to the Police concerning the incident which happened in Wantoni, Mukono Municipality, Uganda; Rehema had waited for her husband to fall asleep and then, she swung into action cutting off his penis from its base with a four- inch knife.

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The police found out that the couple got into a fight, during which Rehema tried to cut Sekawa’s throat but met resistance. After he fell asleep, she gained ground and did more than her initial attempt- she cut off his penis from base.

Upon her arrest, Rehema told the police that she had recently discovered her husband was seeing different girls at a brothel located in Wanton Mukono and thought of a revenge plan.

“I discovered that he was secretly going out and flirting with other girls at different bars. This made me very angry. I was full of anger inside and couldn’t relax.”

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Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman, Luke Owoyesigyire confirmed that Mukono Police had received an emergency call that a man’s penis was cut off with a knife and officers arrived along with rescue staff and found the man severely injured and he was rushed to hospital.

The horrified husband had reportedly told the Police that his wife cut off his penis as punishment for his alleged transgressions.

It was gathered that the couple have had long battle over the man’s infidelity, with Rehema ordering him to severe contact with other women- that includes not talking to them, answering their calls or even smiling at them.

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She told police that he failed to obey her, leaving her with no other option than to deal with him the way she has done.

Sekawa was rushed to Namirembe Hospital for treatment while Rehema is currently in detention at Mukono Police station on charges of attempted murder under section 204 of the Penal Code; any person found guilty of attempted murder is liable to life imprisonment.

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