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7 Lessons Every Woman Can Learn From Michelle Obama

Kafayat Olawale

Former first lady of the United States Of America , Michelle Obama continues to enjoy the goodwill of men and women worldwide. This article highlights 7 lessons and strengths of the former first lady that has sustained her rise to global fame and unending admiration.

Michelle and her family have endeared themselves to millions of people across the globe, bringing the consciousness of many to a family united on agreeable values. But Michelle who is the matriarch of the family has transcended as a role model for women from all walks of life. She has become a credible voice and a beacon of hope for many women across the globe.

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Born Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, on January 17 ,1964, Michelle is an American lawyer, university administrator and writer, who became world famous during husband’s political campaign for president of America in 2008. 

Below are seven highlights of Michelle’s personality that prepared her for success that you can learn from:

1. Strength Of Character:  Almost all of us have suffered some form of modest or outright ridicule based on our looks, our beliefs, how we speak and how we fit in with others.

Instead of bowing and cringing in the face of life’s challenges, one should really practice self-belief and never back down. Michelle like the rest of us has dealt with unfair judgments and criticisms.

However, she pressed on, lending her voice and energy to the task at hand, motivating, inspiring and calling to action as the world watched in awe the brilliance of an incoming first lady of the United States of America against all odds.

2. Perseverance: Until Michelle released her book only few days ago, we must have thought, she had it all easy.

In her recently released book “Becoming”, Michelle chronicles her struggle with fertility, miscarriage and conceiving her two daughters Malia, and Sasha through Assisted Reproduction. She detailed the dawning of the reality as she approached age 35 and her decision to opt for in-vitro-fertilisation, IVF.

What can you learn from this? The journey is not guaranteed to be without its rigours, but once you develop a winning and progressive attitude to life, you will put most of your worries behind you and you actually will be fine!

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3. Compassion: Michelle’s character strength or eloquence certainly couldn’t have sufficed, nor could it have made her voice credible to many around the world today without compassion. Michelle’s compassion made all kinds of people comfortable with and around her. Her staying power is not unhinged to her totally relatable personality.

As the saying goes, “To be kind is more important than to be correct.” Like Michelle, you also will need empathy and compassion to build healthy relationships or networks with people.

4. Education: Michelle’s quest to get an education and her commitment to excellence in the pursuit of her academic dreams definitely stands her out. Michelle was quoted to have said that her education gave her opportunities beyond what she had ever imagined.

This is a wake-up call if you are aspiring to excellence, as a mother, as a wife, a friend, daughter, or sister, to get an education that sets you apart and places you in the path of achieving your even loftier dreams, just like Michelle Obama. Go ahead and be more.

5. Self-Confidence: You’re as good as you believe you are, nobody else should dictate your capacity or determine your worth. Pretty self-explanatory, Michelle is a role model, an inspiration to millions of women and girls around the world because she believes and she’s learnt to not make a anthill of her insecurities.

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6. Integrity: Honesty is the best policy when dealing with ourselves and others, and Michelle’s authenticity definitely stands her out.

It is more than just telling the truth, so if you find the former first lady a source of inspiration, then practice a culture of transparency in your relationships.

7. Grace: Michelle Obama before was never known or ever seen to lose all moral judgement in responding to critics. She had a gracious smile and articulated her thoughts in a manner that left the message of it reverberating. She has persistently portrayed herself in a positive and respectful light. Again, that’s why you are now reading about her.



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