Absolutely Amazing But Weird Story Of Identical Twins, Brittany And Briana Deane, Who Share Same Personality

Twin girls Brittany and Briana Deane are the latest sweethearts for folks who love reality TV. The twins made a show-stopping entry into the world of reality TV when they got featured on a special series called ‘Twinsane’, on American television network, TLC.

The identical twin sisters Brittany and Briana, who are the stars of the show, are featured alongside identical twin brothers, Joshua and Jeremy Salyers. The foursome took the world by storm in 2018 when they got married at the annual Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio, but ahead of their marriage, the television house committed to broadcasting fun and unexpected  ‘real life’ scenarios followed their amazing story with  the cameras.

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The ladies now 31-year-old, were born 5-minutes apart, and grew up in Wilmington, Delaware, where their parents still live. They work at the same Virginia law firm, but are secretive about where it is or what it’s called because they once had to deal with a stalker.

It was a childhood dream for the bubbly sisters to live completely similar lives, including marrying identical twin brothers who wanted to also live similar lives and fate brought them Josh and Jeremy, who share just as much a deep connection as Brittany and her twin, and were also born 5 minutes apart.

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The four met in Twinsburg at an annual Twins Days Festival in Ohio, where twins can meet and bond with other twins. Brittany and Briana explained that Joshua and Jeremy walked towards them because they wanted a photo of them together. The twins would later make plans with the guys to hang out, even though the guys initially thought Brittany and her twin were way out of their league.

When they eventually began to find each other attractive, the sisters said they decided that the ‘A’ twins, their code name for the twin on both sides who were born first would be together and the ‘B’ twins, code name for the duo who arrived 5 minutes later would be together.

The girls say they have such a strong connection that they do not need to tell each other how the other one is feeling, they just know!

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Joshua and Jeremy proposed as the girls were filming a commercial for Twin Lakes State Park in Virginia.

The foursome before their wedding last year, said on Twinsane, that they would all live together in the same house, and that’s exactly what they are doing now after their weddings. Some people think it is weird and unhealthy, but the foursome don’t mind at all. What are your thoughts?

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