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Dear MIMSters: I Got Pregnant In SSS 3 But See What Happened To Those Who Mocked Me

Dear MIMSters: I Got Pregnant In SSS 3 But See What Happened To Those Who Mocked Me

I was in SSS 3 when I became pregnant. I wasn’t wayward, no! I was just kinda unfortunate and because I was a green horn, I did not know how to go about it. I just went home and reported myself to my parents. I opted to drop out of school to take care of the pregnancy and the child I would have.

My mom was very unhappy about the situation but unbelievably, my dad was with me. He thanked me for not going for an abortion which he said would always cause more damage than any good. He promised me that if I would after that ordeal get serious with my life, he would sponsor me and my child to any length I desired.

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My then boyfriend was however not given a chance by my dad. The guy accepted he was responsible but my dad said he must have raped me. lol

You see, I was a very brilliant student and truth be told, I did not have flair for the kind of lifestyle many teenagers were living then. I was also very close to my dad and he would always give me sex education. Though my boyfriend did not rape me but he manipulated me into sleeping with him. Every time we were together, he would demand for sex and I would say no but that very day, he started to cry saying if I did not have sex with him, then I did not love him and it meant I was having sex with someone else. I thought what I had for him was love so I reassured him that he was the one I loved and that there was no one else. He asked me to prove it to him by allowing him have sex with me just that once and gullible me gave in to him. He it was who deflowered me.

When I found out I was pregnant, I told him and he asked me to abort it but I wouldn’t listen to him so he sent me out of his house and I went straight home to tell my dad everything; that was why he concluded he raped me.

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Anyways, the guy stayed away from me and my pregnancy till I put to bed. The day I had my son, my dad was driving home from the hospital when he found my boyfriend on the street chatting with a girl. I was told he parked his car and beckoned at him. As he approached my dad, he gave him a hot slap and the guy took to his heels. I heard my father chased after him and the girl that was with him abused my father to a stand still. I was told the girl told my father to let the guy be and go home to face his useless daughter- me! My sister was with my dad so she was the one who gave me the gist.

She said the girl embarrassed my dad so much that he got back into the car and cried till they got home.

A few months after, the girl (who was age mates with me) became pregnant. My baby daddy who was her boyfriend denied her and her pregnancy. She went round to about six other guys who she was sleeping with in the neighbourhood then but none of them accepted responsibility for her pregnancy. She gave birth to a daughter no man claimed as his. That was the girl who called me useless!!!

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The day I got discharged from the hospital, as my dad drove into our compound, a neighbour of ours stood by the gate and said to my mom, “I should congratulate you but I won’t. Why would you keep your eyes open and your 17-year old daughter will get pregnant under your nose. How come you didn’t know she was already sleeping around? This is a shameful thing o, I just hope she will not infect the other young girls in the compound.”

My dad wanted to respond to her but my mom asked him not to bother. She thanked the woman and then took me and my son into the house.

A few months after then, that woman’s 14-year old daughter became pregnant and guess who impregnated her? Her cousin! The woman’s husband’s nephew who came to spend his holidays with them.

That taught me early in life to be mindful of what I dish to other people.

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  • You should have seen me laughing as I read along to the part where those two idiots also fell pregnant.

    Who insults a person with a seeming ‘misfortune’ in this day and age knowing life is unpredictable? They got served the best way by karma.

    This story is truly inspiring and just goes to show one little mistake is not the end of life.

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