5 Celebrity Single Mums Who Are Winning

Most women do not choose the single mum life, it is the single mum life that chooses them. Parenting can be a daunting task as a co-parent but its travails are even more telling on a single mum. It is easy to get crushed under the weight of all the pressure and emotion of providing, caring and satisfying all the questions of your child.

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Being a single mum has to be one of the hardest but most empowering things a woman can endure, some women do never figure it out, but for others, what does not break you can only make you stronger.

Below are 5 of your favourite celebrity single mums who stayed afloat in pursuit of their dreams, damning every single disappointment.

1. Aituaje Vivian Iruobe (Waje)

“Words Aren’t Just Enough” to describe this talented songstress and  mum. WAJE as she is popularly known was born September 1 1980.

Not much is known about the father of her 19-year-old daughter Emerald Iruobe but at the centre of her world is her charming teenager.

Single parenting can make or mar, it can cause you to reach deep and fight hard for your dream and child, it may not have been easy, but WAJE is winning at it.

A fulfilling career, a blossoming relationship with her daughter, plus the recent launch of her Hermanes Media company in collaboration with her best friend and singer Omawunmi Megbele. Best to put some respect on this one.

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Mercy Aigbe

Prolific actress, film producer and single mum-of-two; none of Mercy Aigbe’s marital woes escaped social media. Like most other woman, she held on to her marriage, but a hot coal cannot remain in the palms for so long.

Amidst allegations of domestic violence by her husband, Mercy finally let the coal fall from her grip.

Shortly after the marriage fell irretrievably, her young teen daughter was off to the University, a very emotional and exciting moment for Mercy as a mother, but providence had more coming; she bought herself a mansion in the Magodo area of Lagos.

In this climes, the achievements of a single woman is not celebrated, and rumours rented the air attributing her successes to promiscuity and rewards of sexual favours to politicians. She debunked the claims.

But what does it matter? She puts her guts to work and everyone can tell of her hard work and can-do spirit.

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Georgina Onuorah

This gorgeous mum-of-two has everything to thank God for, especially when she looks at her beautiful daughters. A bad spouse can be endured but not many women will survive the onslaught of overbearing in-laws.

Georgina had in the past revealed that her marriage was plagued with interference from her controlling in-laws  who cursed and made her marriage a living hell, partly because of her acting career.

Well, wanting it to work is not always enough, it can be a mind-bending trip, that the only way to live to fight another day is by making a honorable exit.

When the time was right, the gorgeous mum knew, she now lives in the United States with her two girls and mother. We all prepare for a fairy-tale ending but getting up when you are so down is the winning power of single mums.

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Tonto Dikeh

Feisty mum-of-one Tonto Dikeh is unapologetic and everyone knows. If she believes a cause, she will give it her all, but if she will not be a friend she can be a real thorn in the flesh.

After the collapse of her marriage to her philanthropist ex-husband, the media was awash with dirty details of their very brief union, but even after the divorce, the actress did not stop furnishing the media with more dirty content  to put her estranged husband in  the light  that  she  truly  perceives  him; and not as the jolly good fellow the public sees him to be.

Away from all the drama, the fiery mum has stayed winning as a doting mother, signing endorsements and living her best life spending good money on herself and son.

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Damilola Adegbite

After massive speculations that her marriage to Ghanian co-star on TV series Tinsel was in trouble a little over a year into their private wedding ceremony in February 2015, Chris Attoh, the actress’s ex-husband confirmed that they were no longer together.

At the time, the sultry actress had already welcomed their son, Brian but what is a girl to do? The screen diva braced herself against the odds, acing her dreams, finding a re-defined love for God and worship, while maintaining a good name for herself and son.

You never realise how strong you are, until being strong is your only option. They say any woman can be a mum, but it takes a special type of woman to be a dad too.

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