Man, Themba Ndala, Narrates How He Suffered Physical & Emotional Abuse At The Hands Of His Ex-Wife | Shares Disturbing Chats

A South African man has unveiled his personal experience with domestic violence via social media. The man identified as Themba Ndala, took to twitter to speak about the physical and emotional abuse he allegedly suffered at the hands of insecured ex-wife, way back in 2013.

South Africa has one of the highest incidences of domestic violence in the world. And, sadly, domestic violence is the most common and widespread human rights abuse in the country.

Every day, people are murdered (read here), physically and sexually assaulted, threatened and humiliated by their partners, within their own homes.

The truth of the matter is that there is no moral justification for domestic violence; and it does not matter the pedigree of whomever wants to colour the act as acceptable in one or two instances, it’s just not right!

According to him, his ex-wife used to beat him up and when he tried to walk away from the marriage, she got hysterical and accused him of cheating.

Read his tweets and screenshots of the couple’s old chat and share your opinions…

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