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Nollywood Actress and Mum-Of-Two, Mary Njoku, Takes An Exception To Popular Phrase Used By Parents

Parenting is no easy task obviously and sometimes keeping up with kids and their antics can be a little nerve-racking, that sometimes parents just excuse their kids behaviours and say they are just being kids.

Well, Chief Executive Officer at ROK TV, actress and mum-of-two, Mary Njoku, has a different view on the subject and has expressed her  dissatisfaction at the use of the popular phrase – Kids will be kids – by parents.

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The actress took to her Instagram page to share a picture message that read:

I hate the phrase “Kids will be kids”.

I think it should be replaced with

“Bad parenting results in assholes”

According to her argument, parents who excuse the bad behaviours of their kids as ‘kids being kids’ are actually bad parents who raise bad children that cause distress generally.

Attached to the picture message was a short caption where the mum-of-two did not hide her disdain for raising children who are not held accountable for their actions; the consequence of which, according to her is children who grow up entitled with a faulty thinking that everything is owed to them.

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Read her caption below:

Children who never have accountability for their actions will continue through life thinking nothing is their fault and everything is owed to them.

See original post below:

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