Dear MIMsters: Do You Think I Should Wait For My Boyfriend?

Do you think that I should wait for my boyfriend?

I’m 26 years old. It took me 7 years of writing JAMB before I finally gained an admission. During these years of waiting, I avoided relationships and close interactions with people. I had a few proposals for marriage but the thought of entering marriage without anything (no skill and certificate) made me reject all.

When I finally gained admission, I decided to wait till after year one before entering a relationship. But as fate would have it, I met this young man whom I became friends with. Initially, I felt it was just a fling but as time went on, he proved me otherwise.

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Along the line, I found out I was two (2) years older than him and I wanted to quit but he pled with me that age does not matter. Seriously, I agreed to continue because he was in his final year then while I was in 100 level and I planned that after one year when he leaves school, I would end everything. He graduated last year and promised to marry me in 3 years time which I know is not possible.

Recently, we had an issue and he broke up with me. After the break up, he started flaunting another girl online. Sincerely I was hurt but I had to move on. He came back after two weeks saying that he cannot live without me, begging and crying that his heart belongs to only me and that he doesn’t connect with the other woman.

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To be honest, I love this guy so much, no guy has ever treated me the way he does but I’m just confused. I’m 26 and hoping to get married in 3 years time to this guy who is 24, who has not even gone for youth service and will not be ready by that time. Do you think I should accept him back? Do you think love is enough? Do you think that I should patiently wait for him for the next five years considering his age and mine? Please talk to me.

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