”Before you get married, be very sure of this…’ – Former BBNaija Star, Leo Da Silva To The Singles

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Leo DaSilva has dished out some important advice to single men and women in relationships planning to get married some day.

According to DaSilva, it is very important for couples in relationship to be very sure of the sexuality of their partner before embarking on the journey of marriage.

The reality show star who noted that he is not trying to promote sex before marriage, however stated that the stories he keeps getting in his DM has left him blown away.

Leo Dasila went further to give tips on how to know your partner’s sexuality. In his words, one do not necessarily need to have sex before you know their sexuality.

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Below is his Twitter thread…

”Before you get married, be very sure of the sexuality of your partner. Bruh the stories I am getting in my DM from this tweet. Absolutely mind blown.

I’m not trying to promote sex before marriage or anything like that. If you want to fornicate or not, that’s between you and your God. I’m just advising you all that it’s important to know your partners sexuality while getting to know them, do not ignore that aspect.

Tips: watch how they respond to things, look at the same sex, talk about minor things. If possible try to always look at what catches their gaze.

Just pay attention. You don’t need to sleep with someone before you know these things.”

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Twitter users have been reacting to the thread, with some sharing experiences and stories of sexuality gone wrong.

A woman wrote:

Bisexual is the most difficult to detect. A woman has been married for over 18 years to a bisexual man. Only for the man to decide of recent that he wants to go “gay” Now marriage is over o.

A man added:

What if you are tricked in your search… I have heard of men who got married to lesbians despite all d “verification”

Another man commented:

Very important oooo. See, forgive me to say this here, sometimes sex before marriage very important oooo again one very important thing ladies and gentlemen, go for HIV test together.

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Another tweeted:

Desperation to be called Mrs will not allow some ladies check. Odiegwu nno..My prayer is that marriage become totally obsolete one day …Na men go hear am! It has even started gradually

A young woman added:

But I think we shouldn’t make sex a priority because she might be good while dating.Once you marry her you may not enjoy it the same way you did while dating,i know of a friend whose marriage almost crumbled because of this, but there had to work it out together to avoid cheating in marriage.


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