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Pentecostal Preacher Chides Men On The Archaic Believe That Kitchen Is Only Reserved For Women

The Mangoase District Pastor of the Church of Pentecost, Pastor Seth Henneh has urged men to stray from the archaic thought that suggests the kitchen is only reserved for women.

While speaking to his congregation, the Ghanaian preacher admonished men to be proactive in their marriages and help their wives in doing house chores such as cooking.

Pastor Seth said the kitchen is not only reserved for women, adding that men, too, must cook at home for their wives and families, ClassFMOnline gathers. He preached:

”Cooking should not be a reserve for women. A man too, can cook so we encourage all men to cook in the house.”

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A cooking competition was also organised by the Pentecost Men’s Ministry (PEMEM) of the church in the Eastern Region, as part of the PEMEM Week Celebration themed: ‘Come See a Man’.

The culinary competition saw men battle it out with their female counterparts. Stressing on the issue, Victor Doku, an elder in the church, noted that it has gotten to a time when men should also go to the kitchen to feed the family.

In his view, women being branded as the family’s caretaker and cook is nothing but a misconception that should be done away with. He said:

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“Why should it be women alone? It is a man and woman who make the family. If she can go to the kitchen to make the family comfortable, I should do it too. Sometimes the women are so stressed but needed to, at all cost, cook while the man can support.”

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