Ghanaian Counselor, Charlotte Oduro Warns Of The Spiritual Implications Of Baby Showers

Lady Rev. Charlotte Oduro has warned African women of the spiritual repercussions of throwing baby showers and imitating other western traditions. The Ghanaian counselor warned that women are failing to put God first but are instead concerning themselves with worldly pomp and excitement, a move she says is an invitation to witches.

The preacher made the assertion during an interview on Ghana’s Asempa FM, where she said also said people are witnessing the many difficulties that abound because of a lack of God-consciousness.

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The controversial preacher decried the negligence of women in setting their priorities before marriage; saying they busy themselves with what bridesmaids or bestmen to have and ultimately how to throw a baby shower while limiting God’s influence and inviting witches into their lives.

Read what she said below:

“When ladies marry these days they do not think about prayer. They think about the bridesmaids they will get, the best men they will get and later the baby shower…

I don’t know where that thing is coming from. Now we are picking the foreign things and we inviting witches around”

We are putting Christ aside and we are living our lives that is why we are seeing what we are seeing because we think God doesn’t exist again.

We think we have our right to do what we are doing…my dear before you came to this world God was already there,”

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