What Media Mogul, Mo Abudu Wants You To Know About Being Successful

Media mogul, Mo Abudu has shared tips on her Instagram on how to overcome the fear of failure and do what we have to do in order to become just as successful as the people we often admire.

The mum-of-two who is a success in her own rights wants you to first jettison the thinking that the most successful people in the world are more intelligent or better than you.

She ties the fear that most people feel as being the result of a lack of preparation and points directly at why procrastination is the biggest ally for failing to achieve one’s dreams.

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She challenges people who aspire to be successful to go from thinking to actually getting up and doing the work it requires.

Read her instructive Instagram post below:

“….. I have said it time and time again, IF YOUR DREAMS DO NOT SCARE YOU, THEN THEY ARE SIMPLY NOT BIG ENOUGH!!! Please be rest assured that FEAR is part of the process.

Often times fear is caused by a lack of preparation. Overcoming fear is about being prepared and mapping out your plan. This leads me to the most popular reason you all gave for not achieving your dreams–PROCRASTINATION!!!

I strongly believe FEAR AND PROCRASTINATION work hand in hand. Once you map out your plan and start to work your plan – taking it in baby steps or big leaps and jumps depending on how you approach things, you will start to see progress. This is where PROCRASTINATION ends!!! As I always say, “IF YOU CAN THINK IT – YOU CAN DO IT”.

The challenge is how many of us are moving beyond “thinking” – we have to get up and “Do It”. Please do not be fooled by thinking the most successful people in this world are more intelligent than you or better than you – the secret is that they get up and “do” everyday! Never giving up! Never getting tired! Never taking no for an answer. This is the key to success. So please start drawing up those plans now and start doing!#MoAbudu”

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