Star Mom-Of-Four, Nadia Buari Identifies 10 Reasons Why Relationships Are Harder These Days

One of the most popular and most influential actresses in Ghana today, Nadia Buari, recently took to her Instagram handle to share her thoughts on relationships and why they are harder these days.

The very pretty screen goddess and super mom-of-four girls who is very guarded about her relationship with the father of her four children blamed the problem largely on technology.

According to the 36-year-old diva, relationships are now harder because conversations are now done through text messages, arguments became phone calls, the word ‘love’ is usually used out of context and so on.

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Read what the actress wrote below:

”Relationships are harder now because conversations became texting….arguments became phone calls….feelings became subliminal messages….sex became easy….the word LOVE is used out of context!

Insecurities became a way of thinking…getting jealous became a habit…trust is hard to come by…being hurt became natural, and leaving became the only option. Sad but true.”

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