Dear MIMsters: Why I Feel Like Burning Up Our Marriage Certificate

I am in an abusive marriage. I seriously regret why I rushed into marriage at 28. I feel like burning up our marriage certificate and leaving him for good before he kills me.

I got married this year and before I got married, my husband who was my fiance then used to hit me whenever we had any little misunderstanding.

He completely changed before our wedding and I went ahead to marry him.

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I never told any member of my family back then that he was always hitting me and neither did I tell any member of his family. Everything went well on our wedding day until recently.

Recently he has started hitting me again. If he talks to me and I talk back, he reacts by hitting me. He would say to me, “you are a fool.” “How dare you talk when I am talking?” “You now have guts, abi?” And he would start beating me violently.

Days later, he would come for a make up with sex, and I would give in to him just for peace to reign. Yet, he never ever says, “I am sorry, please forgive me.”

We just move on like that and like that.

Last night, he hit me again all because I came home late from where I went to make my hair.

It rained heavily and I couldn’t prepare the food he requested for. I sent a text to him and apologized that the hair took longer than I expected and that by morning, I would prepare the food he had requested for.

I got home and prepared noodles which we ate and he went to bed. I stayed back to clean up the kitchen. When I was done and decided to join him in bed, he had dozed off. I tried waking him up to adjust properly so I could sleep but he didn’t. I had just managed to lie on his side of  bed when the next thing I  received was a sound slap on my face.

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Instantly, I had a headache.

Then he used his legs to push me out of the bed and stretched himself out on the bed.

Tears rolled down my face because I didn’t know where and how I got it all wrong. I had to sleep in the living room last night till this morning and he didn’t even come to check on me. Meanwhile, he is in the room and on his phone and is expecting me to cook for him today.

I feel like burning up our marriage certificate and leaving him for good before he kills me.

Pls advice me.

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