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Controversial Mum, Tonto Dikeh Asks Women This One Thought-Provoking Question

Controversial actress and mum, Tonto Dikeh is about to kick up another row after a couple of months lying low and distancing herself from incendiary comments against her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill, who by the way has sued her for defamation. This time the mum-of -one took to Instagram to pose a question to women; asking what they would do if they found out their husbands are bisexual, as for her, Tonto Dikeh said she walked out.

Judging from the post, the mum-of-one suggests she walked out of her marriage when she discovered she was married to a bisexual man. She added that about 60% of men are bisexual.

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Tonto asked women to wake up from the wishful thinking that prayers will change their bisexual partners.

Read her post:

”You wakeup one day and you discover you are married to a BISEXUAL Man..

For those of you who says GODFORBID well I hope you know that 60% of the men you/WE marry SLEEP WITH MEN..

Or y’all still casting and binding FOR CHANGE

#BoysNightOut #BoysTrip #Outwiththsboys”.

See the original post:

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