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Dear MIMsters: Should I Just Let Hubby Off The Hook On This Issue?

Should I just let my husband off the hook on this issue?
We are into school business and our contacts are open to parents and guardians for easy information flow.
Most times parents call to inquire about issues concerning their kids but there’s a particular contact that often calls and chats with my husband. I saw it as nothing but business initially until I checked his phone without his consent.
I teased hubby about it and he was defensive. I stopped checking his phone for a while because he has always kicked against it and I had to respect his decision.
This contact in question is a sister to two of our students and is married. On one particular day, we were driving down to school when she called but hubby didn’t pick. I asked hubby if she can’t stay in her husband’s house and face her family as the calls were getting out of hand.
Meanwhile, her father had called earlier to inform hubby that he has given his children their fees.
While cleaning the house one morning, a number saved with an abbreviation called my husband’s phone. I took the phone to hubby but he ignored the call. When I came back to the room he did as if he was on call with that number but he wasn’t cause I clearly saw the screensaver of his phone which doesn’t show while on call.
Due to the fact that hubby usually ignores this abbreviated number in my presence, I became curious to know who the caller was. He ignored me but when I pushed further, he cheekily said that the caller is his girlfriend.
All through that day, I was in pains. When he noticed I was crying, he knelt down and apologised. He told me that the caller was a father to a student but he never mentioned who the student was when I asked, but I let it slide. He claimed he said it’s his girl friend because I annoyed him.
Two days ago, I found out that the abbreviated number is still the same woman who was constantly calling him on that day. I want to confront hubby about this and why he lied to me about the caller. Is she actually his girlfriend? She is married. My problem is how to go about it without him knowing that I checked his phone or do I just let it go? 

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