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Baby Recipe: Banana, Egg And Oat Pancakes

Purees are great and versatile no doubt but even kids can make do with some variety. Fluffy and fibre rich pancakes can be the solution you never thought of for your fussy eater. This recipe combines three simple ingredients, namely,

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Baby Recipe: Mango, Banana, Avocado Puree

The combined goodness of three of the most healthy fruits is a sure way to start your child up early on some good nutrition. Mango sometimes called “King of fruits” in parts of the world is not only delicious but

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Baby Recipe: Tropical Mango And Banana Puree

Juicy, tropical mango and banana are gentle on little tummies, making them popular first foods. Pick out ripe, fragrant fruits for this fresh blend. You can make a only banana or only mango puree, depending on your preference. Both fruits

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How To Make Chocolate Banana Smoothie With Peak Milk

Smoothies are making it big these days in the “fitFam” world, and that’s where everyone is headed. This is a delicious and satisfying meal or snack. For those of you with an undeniable sweet tooth, here is PeakMilk’s exclusive recipe on how

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