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First Aid Skills: Nigerian Doctor, Dr. Egemba Tells Parents What To Do In Case A Child Chokes On An Object During The Lockdown

It is required of every parent to acquire basic first aid skills which may be useful to help their children in the event of certain hazards. In a split second, anything could go wrong, and your child’s life may be

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Her 4-Year-Old Daughter Survived A Choking Hazard, Laura Chambers Warns Other Parents

A terrifying incident which could happen to anyone left mum Laura Lou Chambers shaken. Laura in a Facebook post appealed to other mums to be watchful after she watched her toddler claw at her own throat choking on a ‘harmless’

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Why Popcorn Can Be Harmful To Your Toddler

Easy to make with its crunchy texture, popcorn remains a favourite snack for most families but there may be some danger in it for your toddler according to experts. The thought of developing a cough, getting popcorn pieces stuck in

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