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Men Who Add Nuts To Diet Can Significantly Improve Sperm Quality- Study

For men, a healthy lifestyle isn’t just good for their wellbeing but can also impact their ability to have children. A proper diet can affect the quality of a man’s sperm, for better or worse. Researchers in Spain say adding

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How Men Are Damaging Their Fertility When They Use Smartphone At Night- Study

Men might want to think twice before reaching for their smartphone at night. A new study found correlations between electronic media use at night and poor sperm quality. Preliminary results show that greater self-reported exposure to light-emitting media devices in

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New Study Suggests How Infertile Couples Can optimize Their Chances Of Conception

The results of a new study have established a relationship between your man’s sperm quality and his sleep habits. The study looked at sleep patterns of around 100 male volunteers who were attending fertility clinics in Denmark, 48 of whom

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Everyday Sex Improves Quality Of Sperm – Study

Couples who have spent any amount of time trying to conceive may find themselves surrounded by all sorts of rules, myths, theories, and crazy ideas about what it takes to get pregnant. According to one theory, too much sex can

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