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Schoolboy Dies After Severe Beating By Teacher For Failing To Do Homework

Schoolboy Dies After Severe Beating By Teacher For Failing To Do Homework

A 12-year-old Cairo schoolboy died on Sunday after being severely beaten by his teacher, Egypt’s education ministry has said. Local reports, which named the boy as Islam Sharif, said he was beaten for not doing his homework.

An “urgent inquiry” had been launched into the circumstances of the boy’s death and the teacher had been suspended by the school.

He had head injuries and suffered a brain haemorrhage, forensics department chief, Hisham Abdel Hamid, told the AFP news agency.

The teacher said he had “no intention to kill him but the beating was part of discipline,” state-run newspaper Al-Ahram Al-Masa’i reported.

In December last year, Egypt’s National Council for Childhood and Motherhood said attacks on children had increased by 55% between January and October compared with the average over the previous three years.

It said 50% of cases of violence against children were registered in schools.

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In September, the director of a Cairo orphanage was sentenced to three years in jail for assaulting minors.

Source: BBC

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  • Really? Just because he didn’t do home work? what sort of punishment can you give a 12 year old that will make him have brain damage, this is so evil and i can’t imagine bringing up a child for 12 years only to loose him to a stupid teacher because of stupid homework. The fool should be crucified.

  • Violence everywhere. I wonder what is wrong with this present generation. She deserves death by stoning, honestly.

    • Why didn’t he just spank him in his bum or hands instead of head? This is why in my school, no spanking by seniors or teachers. It is not allowed. You are only allowed to give the student punishment like to sweep class, staff room etc

  • I’m just wondering the kind of discipline he gave the child that resulted in death

  • No self control most ‘teachers’ arent qualified to TEACH,especially when they arent the patieny type.

  • Some teachers go to school n pour their frustration on kids. Am not a supporter of beating in school,der r diff ways to discipline a child in school. Imagine d nonsence. Really dts y I dnt beat Pples kids cos u dnt knw wat part of dia body has issues plus devil working overtime. After smacking,u go enter wahala. So so sad. Teribbly sad

  • This is madness he’s not even feeling sorry for what he has done yet he still open his stupid mouth to say beating is part o discipline

  • ooh my God wat,nd dy only suspended her,gosh I pray sumone beat her to death to,chai whole 12yrs is underground nw,rip

  • Y must it b on d head? Y could she ask him to kneel down or something.I weak ooo

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