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Busy Mums: 8 Things to Do to Be A Better Mum

Busy Mums: 8 Things to Do to Be A Better Mum

Combining other bits with parenting can be quite overwhelming. Here are 8 things to start doing consistently to make you a lot better than you currently are.

1.  Start a journal. One of the best pieces of advice I give to Working Moms is to write down your thoughts.  Working Moms have so much going on in our head it’s challenging to keep things straight.  Take the time to shop for a journal you’d enjoy opening each day.  Once you start this habit you’ll be surprised the things you can figure out.

2.  Set a goal to hit by the end of the year. Accomplishment is a great feeling!  That’s why many of us keep to-do lists so we can check things off.  Why not think of a big goal that you’d love to put a big check mark next to?  Make it a big stretch goal that keeps you on your toes.  Then commit to it by constantly acting on executing it.

3.  Define your personal values. When you know who you are and what you stand for it’s easier to make those tough decisions in life.  It also helps people understand and work with you better.  Start brainstorming about words that best describe you when you start your journal.

4.  Create a self-care regime. What have you done over the past six months that you wish you could do more of?  Or what have you put off that you know you’d really enjoy?  Start jotting down things that you’d like to do in order to take better care of you.  When you are happy your family will be even happier.

5.  Examine how you use your mommy energy. Mommy Energy is a precious personal energy source all Moms are gifted with to get everything they need to get done done.  So how do you use your personal energy?  Are there times during the day that you are just zapped?  Is there times during the day or week that you are just full of energy that you are doing it all?  What can you do to boost your Mommy Energy? Find out and work on it.

6.  Look at the choices you’ve been making. Have you been making brave work/life choices?  Do your choices go along with your values and priorities?  It takes courage to make those tough calls and it also takes preparation.  If you start thinking about some bad choices don’t beat yourself up over them just learn from them.  Think of how you can make better decisions in the future?

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7.  How is your support system holding up? How is everyone supporting you these days?  Is it up to par or is something bother you?  Sometimes you need to retire members and recruit new ones.  Go through your Inventory to see if you need to clean out your support system.

8.  Map out all that you do. You can manage to “do it all”.  All that needs to be done is examine everything that you are doing.  Are you working on things that you care about?  Start mind mapping what you’re doing then compare them to the goal that you’ve set and how you’ve been using your mommy energy.  Then, you can take it from there.


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