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6 Superfoods That Could Keep Fat At Bay

6 Superfoods That Could Keep Fat At Bay

Frida Harju, a nutritionist at health and fitness app, Lifesum, has revealed six new super foods which promises to cut through fat faster, resulting in a leaner and more toned figure. They include coconut vinegar, cinnamon. kelp, tumeric milk. pomegranate juice and wormwood tea, she tells FEMAIL.


Coconut vinegar is very similar to other vinegars in its fermentation and used primarily in Southeast Asian cuisine. It is a great food, as it is very low in calories and carbohydrates, placing it very low on the glycemic index, which means it will not raise your blood sugar levels.

It is also high in minerals, especially potassium, which helps you control your blood sugars and speeds up the metabolisaiton of sugar as a whole.


Coconut Vinegars

The great thing about coconut vinegar is its taste, which has slightly less of a kick than other vinegars and can be used in day to day life.

Mix it with a tablespoon of warm water and use it as a detox to kick-start your morning, or alternatively, add a dash to your salad dressing!


This spice can help raise the speed of your metabolism. Cinnamon also helps prevent an increased storage of fat, which aids you in losing weight. Cinnamon can also lower blood sugar levels, high levels of which are closely linked to weight gain and obesity.

cinnamonYou can have cinnamon as a hot drink, by adding it to your tea, or alternatively, you can sprinkle it on your morning cereal and even add it to various pastries.


Kelp is a favourite with the Japanese, which they consume in large quantities. Kelp is very rich in minerals and vitamins, which is especially beneficial for speeding up your digestion. Kelp is also a great source of iodine, which speeds up your metabolism, which is perfect if you want to lose weight.



Turmeric stimulates your gallbladder to produce bile acids. Bile acids helps you break down food and digest fat, which is why turmeric can improve your digestion system and help you control your weight and help prevent bloating and gas.

Turmeric Milk

The best way is to just drink it as it is, however, make sure it is to your taste, as it can be quite spicy!

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Pomegranates are rich in fibre, which makes you feel more full after you have eaten and will (hopefully) mean you consume fewer calories later.

pom jucie

The anti-oxidants in pomegranates can also encourage healthy digestion and in turn help you control your body weight.


Wormwood is a good way to detoxify your body. It speeds up your metabolism and digestion, making your body rid itself of toxins much quicker.


However, make sure that you drink it in moderation and for no longer than four weeks, as it can cause an adverse effect.

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