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Motherhood: 7 Ways To Take The Stress Of You

Motherhood: 7 Ways To Take The Stress Of You

You’ve been coping with all the rigours of joggling your roles as a mum, wife and at work  but it’s taking its toll on you. You are completely unhappy and stressed out, so all you want right now is some respite or relief. These few suggestions might help…


1. Be Proactive.
Be observant and take note of those situations that get you stressed up and prepare for them before time.
For instance, make sure you pump enough breastmilk and store for those times when you won’t be available or so someone else can feed the baby. Lay out items you need for the following the night before to avoid running late in the mornings. Cook for the week or the next few days. It will save you a mighty lot of strength and valuable relaxation time.

2. Work It Out.
Use some of the saved time to do some exercise. Go jogging/brisk walking, dance at home or hit the gym. I promise, you will feel a lot better. Exercising helps your body release the feel good hormone.
Exercising moderately makes you feel good and believe it or not, gives you more energy to be the super mom that you know you are. 30-minute sessions, 3-5 days a week is just A-Ok.

3. Laugh It Off
Why so serious? Seize any opportunity to laugh. Laugh at yourself when you notice you’re running around or yelling like a military camp commandant. Laugh when your kids start asking out-of-this-world questions (instead of yelling at them to keep quiet).
Laughing will reduce your blood pressure and leave you ready and refreshed for another day.

4. Breathe In…In…In…
Now breathe out slooowly. People generally don’t breathe in enough air. For a stressed mom, you really need a healthy brain and oxygen is very important for your brain to function properly.
Slow and deep breathing supplies the maximum amount of oxygen possible for each breath. You don’t need so much time to do this, 15 minutes is enough to stay still and focus on your breathing
Dancing and exercising also helps you breath deeply so….

5. Meditate.
Get some quiet time, say thirty minutes of reclining on a sofa, eyes closed and low, soft and soothing music playing. Drift off to sleep for a few minutes to get you power nap.

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6. Division Of Labour.
Have a sit-down with your hubby and talk about how to divide the task of taking care of the kids. He can take the dishes and laundry while you feed and bathe the baby. It pays to be married to an understanding and involved man.
Imagine taking turns in feeding the baby each night. If he takes 1. 30 am and you take 4: 30 am, that might mean that both of you won’t get enough sleep. It’s better if you take one night while he takes the next night. Makes sense, doesn’t it? You guys get a full, hopefully undisturbed nights sleep every other day to recuperate.

7. Delegate
Be it for cooking or caring for your baby, if you can afford it, delegate. There’s no special prize for trying very hard to be a supermum and wearing yourself out in the end.

Okay. (Yaaaaawwwn!) I’m feeling sleepy. I feel like I just completed a feeding shift, and baby puked and wet her diapers and…zzzzz!!

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