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Dads’ Profile: Voke Kosin Spills On Top Daddy Moments & More

Dads’ Profile: Voke Kosin Spills On Top Daddy Moments & More

Voke Kosin, a treasury dealer married to Ifelunwa Kosin, is dad to two girls, Olivia and Zoe. He opens up on his top daddy moments and more.

How has your background influenced your values as a dad?

“My dad (bless his soul) was a big influence in my life. He thought me the rudiments of being a man in a family. My parent had 7 of us, and we were all guided with love and discipline. Dad thought me that family is next to God.”

Top daddy moments

“The day my kids where born and I held them in my hands…their first words (both kids said ‘daddy’ first) and the day the first went to school. I was so proud and was in tears all the way to work.”

Low daddy moments

“Whenever my kids are ill and in discomfort. It breaks my heart when I can’t take the pain away from them.”

Areas you wish you could do more

“Well, it would be great if I could spend more time with them but the hustle is real.”

Top things you love about being a dad

“The love from your child is immeasurable. Knowing that I have kids to interact with is great. Then, I get to watch them grow physically and mentally. My kids are just amazing.”

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Top values

“Family is everything, work hard, pray hard. Love yourself. These are values I want my kids to have.”

How do you all have fun as a family?

“All kinds of ways; we play make believe at home, travel, go to recreation and amusement parks.”

Random tips for other dads

ALWAYS be there for your kids, they are a blessing. Remember they never asked to be born, but they ALWAYS add colour to your life.”

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