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Week 3: Your Pregnancy, Week By Week

Week 3: Your Pregnancy, Week By Week

Continued from week 1 – 2.

Week 3

Your Baby

Fertilization has taken place – your released egg and partner’s sperm which formed a zygote during the first week has made its way into your uterus where it’s burrowing into the lining of your uterus. It grows into a blastocyst, a tiny ball containing several hundreds of cells dividing and multiplying rapidly, which contains a fluid-filled cavity that will form the amniotic sac, and an outer cell mass that will form the placenta.

Meanwhile, the part of the blastocyst which will form the placenta starts producing the pregnancy hormone hCG which makes your ovaries stop releasing eggs and causes increased production of estrogen and progesterone, preventing your uterus from shedding its lining and stimulating the growth of the placenta.

More amniotic fluid also starts collecting in the fluid-filled cavity that will become the amniotic sac that will serve as a protective covering for your developing baby.

The blastocyst also starts receiving oxygen and nutrients as well as eliminating wastes through a primitive circulation system made up of microscopic tunnels that connect the blastocyst to your uterine wall blood vessels, as the placenta continues to develop in preparation to take over this crucial role.

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Your Body

By the end of this week, you may be experiencing a few early signs of pregnancy, especially mild and painless bleeding or spotting as a result of the burrowing into the linings of your uterus. Other symptoms you may have include fatigue, mild cramping, frequent urination, heightened sense of smell, and sore, tender or swollen breasts. Some women may also start experiencing nausea or morning sickness, fuelled by increased levels of the hCG hormone.

You may also get a positive pregnancy home test result this week, opening the door of surreal excitement and anticipation in the coming weeks, especially for first-time expecting mums.

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