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”Being Pregnant Doesn’t Mean You Have To Look Old And Dirty.”- Nollywood Actress, Joy Awade, Pens Note To Pregnant Women

”Being Pregnant Doesn’t Mean You Have To Look Old And Dirty.”- Nollywood Actress, Joy Awade, Pens Note To Pregnant Women

Nollywood actress and model, Joy Awade, took to her Instagram page to write to all pregnant women. She shared a side by side photo with another stunning Nollywood pregnant mum, Chacha Eke- Faani, saying being pregnant doesn’t stop any woman from looking good and sexy.

Read what she wrote:

”Hello lovely ladies, hp the weekends going well???have this Lil thought and view to air hp I succeed on passing my message out tho.

Been preggy doesn’t mean u have to look so old and dirty cos u wanna give excuse of hormones and all that, Excuse me Miss or Ma’am u weren’t forced in the 1st place to enter the other room like our dear president said that’s where his wife belongs.

Some women will tell u ma hubby doesn’t like seen me nor love me when am pregnant but 1nc I put to bed his love comes back sorry to say Ma’am but I feel it’s ur fault cos if u looked charming and beautiful like the time he fell in love with u at 1st he wudnt even know the difference of u been pregnant or not.dnt make ur man be an outside man cos u preggy.

This is the time when u have to look ur best and make ur MAN wanna love and ask u out all again. it pains me when I see preggo young ladies and mom’s looking so scattered and I wonder what the child will now look like while growing up how he will be taken care off.

Please dear lovely Ladies outder if u ain’t ready 2 take care of urself in this very interesting, exciting ,very tricky moment of this 9months journey pls dnt dare venture into it cos children are gifts and blessings from God.
And it’s also a time 4u 2 explore all ur wonderful cravings and also try as much as possible To feed ur baby right so he/she comes out looking like a million dollars kid.

Chachaekefaani is an example of one of the sexiest preggo mum’s I know??? Need I 4get my humble self cos I know lots of men and women who have said I make pregnancy look so easy and simple to carry.

Thanks as u take this Lil words of mine to heart.My thoughts tho.”

Contrary to Joy’s believe, another mum commented…


Joy is happily married to Popular Calabar-based comedian and on-air-personality at Hit FM, Friday Awade, and they are expecting their first child, whom they have already named Bill Awade, together.

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