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Empress Njamah Speaks on Pressure to Get Married

Empress Njamah Speaks on Pressure to Get Married

Nigerian actress and Abuja-based business woman, Empress Njamah, has disclosed that she’s not in a rush to get married, as she has other constructive things to spend time on.

A lot has been written and said about the curvy actress and the focus of most of the write-ups is when she plans to quit spinsterhood. Not bothered by the never-ending probe, she says she’s not under pressure to get married.

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In her interview with Punch, the stunning diva advised people to mind their own business, as it’s her personal decision.

”I wonder why people cannot just mind their business. Whose business is it whether I get married or not? For Christ’s sake, it is a personal decision and people should just respect my privacy.

I am not under any pressure to get married as I have a lot of more constructive things to spend time on. If it comes, I will gladly walk down the aisle and if it does not, I will take it as the will of God” she said.

She also disclosed that being a single mother is usually a matter of circumstance and not choice.

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”I don’t think any right-minded woman would want to be a single mother. It is usually a matter of circumstance and not choice. Most of the single mothers you see out there acting like they’re enjoying it actually cry their eyes out in their closets.

It takes two people to make babies and I don’t see why one person should be saddled with the responsibility of raising the child,” she concluded.

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  • You don’t owe nobody explanations, people must pry especially here in Africa where they believe marriage makes a woman. That’s a stupid and wrong mentality, it got to stop.

  • People never mind their business. Please you owe no one any explanations, just do you and allow them keep talking.

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