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K to X Of Baby Sleep Solutions (Part 2)

K to X Of Baby Sleep Solutions (Part 2)

Remember how be brought you an article titled A to J Of Baby Sleep Solutions ? You will recall that this was aimed at helping you and your baby get the best of your sleep time. Well, today is part two of this segment. Find our more tips on how you and your little angel can make the most of your snooze time:

K Is for Keeping Cool
As adults, we may not get good shut eye when it is too hot or too cold. Well, your little one is no different. Specialists recommend keeping the temperature in your baby’s room warm enough to prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

L Is for Lights Out
To help your grasp the understanding of bedtime, keep her room dark. If it is affordable, you can use dark curtains or blackout shades to imitate nighttime during the day. When it’s time for her to wake up, whether in the morning or after a nap, open the curtains or shades and let light in to help her understand the difference.

M Is for Massage
Studies conducted at the University of Miami Touch Research Institute suggest that babies and toddlers who are given a 15-minute bedtime massage fall asleep faster than those who are only read a story.  Rub your toddlers back, feet, even her scalp! That always works like magic.

N Is for Naps
Most parents try to limit or omit naps entirely from their babies schedules with the hope that they will sleep longer at night. Apart from the fact that this actually never works, you will also be minimizing your child’s mental development. Naps are vital to baby’s mental and physical growth. Encourage napping if you don’t want to be left with a cranky baby or toddler come night time.

O Is for Overnight Diapers
Wet diapers at night can be irritating sometimes for some children. Try to invest in super-absorbent diapers and a good diaper cream for protection. It is advisable to always change your child’s diaper once it gets wet, even at night, but if it seems not to bother her, let her sleep till her wake up time and change immediately.

P Is for Pacifiers
This varies for children. A pacifier can help your little one soothe himself to sleep. A little trick you can adopt is to remove the pacifier from his mouth when he is sound asleep so he doesn’t wake up if it falls out. Make sure the pacifier you use is soft  so it doesn’t hurt if he rolls onto it.

Q Is for Quirky Fixes
You never know what might work for you or your little one. We’ve all heard stories of baby swaying in an infant swing all night, daddies that have to go driving around over and over again to calm their babies and so many more techniques. Everybody’s way is unique and special, so go ahead and use whatever works for you, as long as it’s safe.

R Is for Routines
Consistent night time routines can help your baby understand that it’s time to sleep. Choose a  ‘ritual’ and stick with it.

S Is for Swaddling
This may not work for toddlers anymore, but your newborn however was used to being tightly snuggled up in your womb, so being wrapped in a swaddling blanket duplicates the experience for a while and helps him to sleep better.

T Is for Telling a Story
Reading a story, or having a story read to you before bed in a soothing voice is relaxing, no matter how old you are. Yes, he probably does not understand a word your saying, but having mummy or daddy talk to him will calm him down. It’s also a great habit to carry on throughout childhood.

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U Is for Understanding Cues
Babies always give cues when they are tired. He might rub his eyes, become whiny or yawn a lot. Some babies who are very tired may just have a full blown melt down. It is important to pay attention to your baby’s unique cues, and it will be easier to determine when he’s ready for bed.

V is for Voice
Your voice is familiar and already has a positive effect on your bay. Speaking in a soothing tone can help your baby drift into dreamland knowing mummy is nearby.

W Is for White Noise
Silence may be startling for some babies, as they have been used to hearing sounds like your beating heart and noisy stomach for so long. Some babies sleep easier if you turn on a white noise machine or a fan or a little classical music.

X Is for XOXO
XOXO, this generations way of expressing love…Before bedtime, snuggle with your baby, kiss her cheeks, her eyes… her nose. Pour out all the love you can possibly give every night.


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