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3 Unsafe Places Where Your Baby Should NEVER Sleep

3 Unsafe Places Where Your Baby Should NEVER Sleep

‘Do not leave baby unattended’, ‘Only for use in a car or approved travel system’, ‘Warning: Do not use for sleep’ ‘Never place inside a crib’…These are some of the warnings that usually accompany some baby items or gadgets if misused is considered unsafe for your baby.

Most times parents ignore these warnings, feeling that they are close enough to monitor their baby. Let us not forget that accidents happen in the blink of an eye. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Here are 3 very unsafe places where your baby should NEVER nap:

1: Bouncy Seats

Bouncy seats are safe overall, especially when used as directed. They’re however not designed for long periods of sleep. Young infants have limited movement and control of their necks. Due to this, the angle of bouncy seats can allow their head to fall forward and compromise their airway. Be sure to follow your specific seat’s manual for age, weight and height restrictions.

2: Car Seats Not In a Vehicle

It can be very tempting to leave a sleeping baby in a car seat, especially as they are designed to carry sleeping babies. However, you must keep in mind that these seats were created to be kept fastened to a moving car. When an infant car seat isn’t properly installed in a vehicle or travel system, the angle of the seat changes and can compromise your baby’s airway. The designs of these gadgets change all the time. We must learn more over time about the risks of products. What was once considered safe, now has risks.

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3: Couch or Other Furniture

This is a great spot for adults, it’s however a very dangerous nap spot for babies. Babies are still learning how to move and control their bodies, especially their necks. Sometimes babies can roll into a position and be unable to roll back, which can lead to accidents, and may even lead to accidental death.

NOTE: Safe sleep options include only firm mattresses free of plush/fluffy items or bedding, and entrapment hazards

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