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7 Parenting Mistakes You Never Want To Make (Part Two)

7 Parenting Mistakes You Never Want To Make (Part Two)

Ineh Olisah

Continued from part 1

Whatever parenting mistakes you have made in the past, learn from them and leave them right there where they belong – in the past. Looking forward, these are 7 parenting mistakes that you want to avoid at all costs.

You Scream at Them, You Don’t Talk To Them

We all get frustrated or annoyed with our children and sometimes snap which results in screaming and yelling. When you allow yourself to get drawn into these types of situations, it doesn’t always result in a positive change in your child’s behaviour. It’s actually a lose-lose situation. You want to communicate effectively with your child, however, yelling and screaming may not do that for you. What actually happens instead is they learn from you how toĀ scream and yell, when things are not going their way. Ā 

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Ā You Don’t Teach Your Child To Take Responsibility

Do not let your child get stuck on the blame game as he watches parents blame the teacher and teacher blame the parents.Ā  The major problem with making excuses and giving explanations is that it doesnā€™t help the child learn to manage him or herself or to perform. Show your child how to take responsibility modelling responsible behaviour and assigning responsibilities to your child.

You Don’t Talk To Your Child About Sex

Most parentsĀ tend to skip this part of “communication” with their kids and hope that their children will figure it out somehow as they did when they were their age. I do know it feels weird talking to your child about their changing bodies. Having the birds and the bees talk with your child is a rite of passage. The ever inquisitive mind of your child will keep prodding for answers. What no parent wants is risk them finding these answers that they desperately need in the wrong places.

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Therefore, it is mandatory to keep an open mind and remember that you are the number one person your child ought to trust. Sure, it might be uncomfortable for you both but it’s a phase you must deal with for the good of your child. Ignoring and sweeping this conversation under the carpet may be costly. Teach them what they need to know aboutĀ sex, create a code-language and help them to understand boundaries when it comes to their bodies with strangers and people they are familiar with.

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You Worship Your Child

Some parents live child-centered lives. You get so sucked into your parenting duties that you literarily worship your children. The truth is that our kids aren’t perfect, and they don’t deserve our worship. Give them the basics and focus on building their character.

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