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Ten Ways To Ease Morning Sickness (Part Two)

Ten Ways To Ease Morning Sickness (Part Two)

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Continued from part one

It is definitely not a pleasant feeling and no, it doesn’t have a cure. There are ways pregnant women could cope with it though. Get some biscuits to chew on as we show you 10 ways to ease the dreadful morning sickness.


Don’t stress yourself. The body is already producing a stress hormone called cortisol and cortisol causes nausea. If your work gets you worked up, you’ll be feeling sick more frequently than you naturally ought to. When at home, let your hubby and kids, if there are, know that you need to rest otherwise you’ll fall sick and start throwing up. Nobody wants that, right? Good. Now dim the lights, put on some soothing music and snooozzzz…

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Bed & Breakfast
Experts and experienced moms say that if you wake up and rush into your day, you’re more likely to be hit with a wave of nausea. Rather, ease into your day. Importantly, have something light to eat before you get out of bed. A cracker, a slice of toast bread, an apple… Anything light and nutritious will do.

Keep A Journal
It is widely believed that morning sickness is not a random occurrence. I mean, it’s not limited to the morning as the name would imply, but then there may be a unique pattern or trigger that you can discover. This will better help you avoid or prepare for the attacks. So of you observe that the sickness strikes after lunch at the office due to the odour of fish or spicy soup from your colleague’s breath, you could hand out minty chewing gum or Vicks Blue to help reduce the odour. You’ll have to be diplomatic about it because you do the want to upset people in the name of easing your morning sickness.

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Sniff Some Lemony fragrance
I don’t know why but the fragrance of lemon seems to have a calming effect on the nausea and stomach upheavals. It’s advisable therefore, to keep some lemons close by when you’re at home or have some in a small bottle that you carry around in public. Lemon fragrance may not work for you, you can do some fragrance exploration to see which one works best for you.

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Ginger Up
It has been word on the streets since time immemorial that ginger is a sure bet for settling your upset stomach. There are a number of creative ways to use ginger in your battle against the morning sickness. You can put a slice or two in your water and sip or blend it in your smoothie. Call the ginger bread man and order some or buy some ginger ale. You could also search for candy drops with ginger and/or lemon flavours.

Does ginger beer work? There’s no alcohol in it so…any doctor or knowledgeable person in the house? Let’s know in the comment/feedback section. Does ginger beer help ease morning sickness?

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You can talk to your doctor about it if you’re having a difficult time dealing with this inevitable inconvenience. He may prescribe a combination of drugs to calm the nausea and stomach upheavals. But these should be a last resort. Usually, one or a combination of the tips listed above should do the trick. Just hang in there. It doesn’t last throughout the pregnancy; morning sickness usually stops around fourteen weeks into your pregnancy. Although some tough women have it throughout the pregnancy. Whew! I feel for you, mom. Wish I could do snap my fingers and have it all go away.

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