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Dear MIMsters: Should I Listen to My Friends or Just Follow My Instincts

Dear MIMsters: Should I Listen to My Friends or Just Follow My Instincts

I need your advice on what to do as my friends are making jest of me.

I am 27-year-old in a relationship with a 49-year-old man who has never been married nor has any kids. I live in one of these European countries.

I left my ex who is a Nigerian because of his cheating ways. Even though he is still begging, I have refused to take him back.

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At the moment, he is even living with his girlfriend. But he said he will be coming to visit me in my city which is 7 hours away from me by car.

I met another Nigerian who is 32 years but I’m scared as I was also told that he is in a serious relationship. I asked him but he denied it. He told me that they have been separated for a long time now.

Meanwhile, the 49 year old man is not a Nigerian. He is not even from Africa and I have feelings for him just as he has feelings for me. He is even planning to take the relationship to another level but my friends are laughing at me.

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They are telling if it was for residential permit it’s ok but for spending the rest of my life with a man old enough to be my father is odd. I told them as far as he makes me happy, respects and appreciates me, I’m good.

Note: he lost his fiancee to cancer last 2 yrs. What should I do? Should I listen to my friends or just follow my instincts?

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  • Follow your heart babes. Some of those your friends might just be envying you. Would you rather be in a relationship with a young man and be unhappy or with an older man and be treated like a queen? I would pick the latter though.

  • Let’s start by saying, what A want might not be what Y want. “A” needs B to continue the journey of alphabet letters while “Y” needs Z to continue alphabet journey. Same journey but different vision or purpose.

    What you want might not be what your friends want!

    Get a pen, list out all the potentials or characters you want in your man, if you can find 5-6 out of ten from this 49yrs man, my dear, yours friends are just making noise and noise is a pollution. You don’t need to be polluted. Go for Gold!

    If you have peace of mind with this man in question, you’re good to go and forget your funny friends talk.

    Best day

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