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Dear MIMsters: I Want to Go Abroad for Financial Reasons but I Feel Insecure About Leaving My Husband

Dear MIMsters: I Want to Go Abroad for Financial Reasons but I Feel Insecure About Leaving My Husband

My husband and I have been married for a few years. We are a blended family as we have 4 boys altogether. I have 2 boys and he also has 2 boys from a previous relationship. We all live well in harmony in our home but we are not doing well financially and so need financial support.

Therefore, I have considered taking a job abroad just to help hubby and I take care of the boys’ school fees, their clothing and all.

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I have to help hubby because my hubby is starting a church soon as that’s what God has laid in his heart. I don’t want him to have too much responsibility when he starts his ministry. With this level of ¬†responsibility at home, I’m only going to work for a year outside my country.

I will be saving money when I’m abroad as well so that when I come back, I can start a business to support hubby.

My issue is: recently, I’m becoming so jealous in my marriage I’m thinking too much and I’m thinking that when I come back, my hubby would have been snatched. I know my husband puts me and the children first but I can’t seem to shake the idea of him being with someone else out of my mind.

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My husband is a well mannered Yoruba man oh only God knows what is going in my mind right now. Should I leave or should I stay Should I instead go and borrow the money to start the business from my father and not travel abroad anymore because of my insecurities?

I don’t want my parents to look down on my husband and say he is after their money, hence, I considered going abroad to make some money to start a business. Please kindly advice me.

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  • don’t kill urself. a man who. Will cheat would cheat right under ur nose go n do ur hussle

  • If you can get the money from your dad, then go for it instead. Why would you feel your family will look down on him? It’s for your business.

  • If your man cannot support you all the way when you’re working for the good of the family, then he’s not wort sweating for.

    • Any man that wants to cheat can cheat,be it a bishop,holy ghost pastor,prophet etc . All i can say here is that without money now,sooner or later the love will start depreciating.I will suggest,go and hustle for money,if possible come back for your family. Money is a defense ooo.

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