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Dear MIMsters: I Thought Washing Hands After Using the Toilet Was Given Until I Met My In-laws

Dear MIMsters: I Thought Washing Hands After Using the Toilet Was Given Until I Met My In-laws

A while back, I read on this page a Mimster’s complaint about her hubby who doesn’t wash his hands after using the toilet.

Mimster, I have to tell you this: you are lucky it’s just your hubby you have to deal with.

My fellow Mimsters, it is not only my husband who is also guilty of this his mother and father as well. I started noticing my husband will come out of the toilet, slam the door and enter the room and I will just send him back to go wash his hands. My husband is an only child.

I didn’t notice his parents also do not wash their hands until my mum drew my attention to it when she came for Omugwo. I was so ashamed. Hmmmn… this my MIL I’m talking about is a retired headmistress which means she is learned. It didn’t end there my people.

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MIL can go for 2 days without having a shower. I will keep her hot water in the bathroom but she will keep watching a movie and tell me later that her water is now cold and won’t take a shower again.

Later, she will carry my baby who started having a foul smell like he has not had his bath in days. She doesn’t even wash her hands before she eats when I give her food. She eats with those hands she hasn’t bath for days and would still use the toilet without washing them.

The other day I was in the kitchen monitoring her when she came out of the toilet and started walking towards her room. I had to ask her, “mummy, so you don’t wash your hands after using the toilet?”

She quickly reached for bowl of dirty water standing by. My FIL does the same thing.

Today, he used the toilet, came out and went straight to his room. I had to start speaking out loudly, “why will someone use the toilet without washing their hands and will not flush the toilet.”

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I guess he heard me because he went back to flush the toilet. People, don’t get me wrong. It bothers me because they will later use those same hands to carry my baby who is 9 months old.

My son has been constantly treated for skin disease. There was even a time he was admitted for days in the hospital because his right hand was in infected and pus was oozing out. I’m simply tired of this people that I don’t know what to do again.

I would have ask my husband to talk to them but all of them are the same. His parents are nice people especially his mum, but this is the only problem I have with them. If an adult chooses to be dirty, it’s not my problem but this concerns my son.

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I am surprised at how a grown up will use his hands to wipe his asshole after defecating and wouldn’t care to wash those hands. This is the height of dirtiness. I can’t stop them from touching the baby and I can’t equally force them to go wash hands or bath.

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  • Hahahahaha i have a friend living with me now who does exactly same thing. She doesn’t wash her hands after using the loo, doesn’t wash before eating and stays 3 to 4 days without having a bath. I understand your frustration completely. And no talking changes them as it’s what they are used to. I can’t wait for my friend to move out aswear.

  • Please put a notice on the door of the ife toilet “Pplease ensure u flush & wash ur hands after using the toilet”
    Keep hand sanitizers at specific places in the house. Make sure anyone that wants to carry ur baby uses it including urself in their presence.

  • This is not acceptable, I don’t even know where and how to start cos I can’t deal with this nonsense.

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